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​This Miami animal clinic first opened in 1979. I have been here since 1985 as a general practitioner. I was educated in my native Hungary and graduated from one of the oldest veterinary schools in the World in 1978. I spent one year in an academic field training to be a scientist but then I changed my mind and became a clinician instead. I have been a student of my profession all my adult life, learning my skills in London, England, then in Connecticut, and finally in Florida.

I have been involved in all aspects of companion animal medicine over the long years. I love my profession as an Aventura vet and I am reminded of it daily by children who say that they wish to be a veterinarian one day. Indeed very few professions could boast the beauty, variety and humor of this field. I often ask people if they know any other job where interactions with patients are as much rewarding as they are in the field of veterinary medicine. In any case, I and my Miami veterinarian staff offer you our brains our logic and not the least our hearts to help solve medical problems of your pet or pets. I can only hope that you find us competent and kind so that we can enhance our reputation.

Thank you.
Ives Dairy Animal Clinic
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