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Specialist Referrals
We routinely consult with specialists on their fields. This service is often not immediately apparent because it is included in our daily practice life. Interpreting test results for example by other experts is done on a daily basis.
Some special procedures require the visit of the specialist to our facility and at other times the patient is sent to a referral center. [For example, in case of a spinal surgery].

Payment – Insurance
We give estimates of costs whenever we can. No procedures are performed without prior discussion and your approval. Some people would like to know exact expenditures in advance on the telephone. The receptionist will assist you but remember she is not able to tell you exactly what will happen during your visit. This is why we recommend an examination first so that the next step can be determined by you.

We accept the following payments:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit cards, cash, business or personal checks.

We recommend various insurance companies to provide coverage for expenses on your pet. These are national carriers with various programs and plans that you can choose from. They will reimburse your expenses incurred by the care of your pet depending on the type of contract and policy that you choose to have with them. We can provide brochures and phone numbers so that you can make a decision about insurance.
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